Created in the tea shops of Taiwan during the 1980’s, Bubble Tea has become one of the most

popular drinks around today. Also known as Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Milk Tea it comes in wide range of flavours that blend tea with either fruit or milk. With the addition of ice, fruit syrups and tapioca pearls hundreds of taste combinations can be created to delight the taste buds! The ‘bubble’ in Bubble Tea comes from the gorgeous bubbly froth you get by shaking up the drink just before you have it!


Ooshi Bubble Tea is all about choice. First a base tea, usually Jasmine Green tea, Assam Black tea or Oolong tea, is mixed with a flavouring. This can be a milky, sweet or fruity flavour and there are plenty to choose from! You can even choose not to have tea!


Next you can add your choice of tapioca pearls, fruit jellies or natural flavoured Ooballs! These give the drink its unique and exciting textures and make Ooshi Bubble Tea the fun and tasty experience it is!


You can choose to drink it hot or cold and another option is to add ice (crushed or cubed – you decide!) for a deliciously cooling drink that really hits the spot on hot days!

There are no rules to Ooshi Bubble Tea – it’s all up to you; choose your tea, mix your flavour, pick your style and add your pearls! Release the bubbles with a quick shake and enjoy the fun!